Monday, 19 November 2007

Ancestral Memory

Looking to Long Knoll, Maiden Bradley

... when one thinks how many indurated common impressions of the monotonous incidents of daily earth-life and daily seashore-life must linger in the convoluted fibres of ones's ancestral memory, is it any wonder that a touch of sharp-blowing air or a glimpse of fast-driving mist can melt our bones with a sudden ecstasy "too deep for tears"? Oh, it is time, it is time, for an entirely new philosophy to arise - a philosophy setting free the suppressed longings of our nature for cool, large lonely imaginings, for sensuous feelings, vague, delicious, and dim, that are far deeper and more precious than any conceivable overt action!...

John Cowper Powys
In Defence of Sensuality 1930
page 134

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