Friday, 24 October 2014

A Winter Walk with Polyhymnia (second version - a bit more posy)

Merryvale January 2009

Let us go then you and I
Down these many 
Corridors of stone,
List'ning to the roaring silence,
A thaw in motion  - in somnambulant mood.

And I have seen all things, 
And all men that dwell, 
In the Hall of Royal Dûn,
At Tara, under the shadow 
Of the drifting leaf.

The rocks and trees 
Share our vision,
And like a world caught in breath 
We wait to exhale, and at the height of exhilaration 
There is sweet release.

And I have heard you calling, 
Dalua, Dalua!
Arise from your dreams on 
Mount Amara,
Polyhymnia, come and walk with me.

Come tripping down 
The nights and days,.
Mind and muse moving together, 
Intoxicating one another, 
Drinking from that conjugal cup, in silent communion,

In this eternal landscape, forever casting shadow on the past and beyond
Our present is between.

Shall we walk ?  
Shall we be amidst the feast of stones, 
The gift of pebbles, the dust of grit, 
Between the quivering branches, 
The vibrant mosses, the glistening webs?

What vaster dream can we inhabit and be amidst,
This love of earth.

V Hemingway 2009