Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Comely Order

Flames that know no homelier hearth than yours
Expend their warmth in vibrant light.
Readily given are the flowers of undying colour;
The youthful years of sacrifice are not forgotten.
This is your gift to your children and your children's children.

This woman's realm is full of soft extensions,
One womb, two births ,
Two fruits nourished by creative order.
Motherhood recalls the mind, gently soothing away
The stresses from the outside world.

Inside you created a garden of sorts, a solice.
Blending rich rosied fragrance into pictures resplendent.
Yielding form and shape, calm and secure.
This was your generous world enriched and filled
With love for your little daughters.

You should never have left the ethereal sphere,
Yours is forever the world of the child.
Too late it was to save your tender soul
From violent intrusions of the male world.
Too late to save your grown up daughters from your actions.

Long ago and far away - we learn to forgive...

VH 1980

Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Hours

Horae - Goddess of the order of nature and the seasons, stationed at the doors of Olympus.

The Cocktail of Mutuality...

Why two people need each other, why they will each be better together than either of them would be on their own. 'Your observant gaze which rests so still and pure on things, never leads you to the errors to which speculations, guided by capricious imagination and merely obeying its own rules, so easily falls prey' ( Schiller to Goether 1794)

Political progress can occur only if there is a transformation of people's inner lives, otherwise factions are merely the voices of human fragments seeking dominance over society...


To be in dialogue is strength itself,
Communicating verse by verse
Between us seems so natural, so good;
The industry of two people.

Sitting here amongst the clutter of paper and
Dog earred remnant un-success, I am satisfied to be alone.
To hear my inner voice in a noiseless world, and
The darting thoughts and humming dreams continue

Seventy post weary miles away you are also writing,
A reply in kind, choosing your words with care for me,
Waiting for type written inspiration,
In anticipation we are expectant of what we shall find.

In time we shall be rich indeed with writing,
In time we shall have our success.
In my minds eye we are both watching,
Two spirits waiting for the sun to shine.

V.H. Colveston Crescent London, March 1986