Thursday, 9 April 2009


To be in dialogue is strength itself,
Communicating verse by verse
Between us seems so natural, so good;
The industry of two people.

Sitting here amongst the clutter of paper and
Dog earred remnant un-success, I am satisfied to be alone.
To hear my inner voice in a noiseless world, and
The darting thoughts and humming dreams continue

Seventy post weary miles away you are also writing,
A reply in kind, choosing your words with care for me,
Waiting for type written inspiration,
In anticipation we are expectant of what we shall find.

In time we shall be rich indeed with writing,
In time we shall have our success.
In my minds eye we are both watching,
Two spirits waiting for the sun to shine.

V.H. Colveston Crescent London, March 1986

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