Monday, 8 January 2007

The Saint-Simonian theology

...The Saint-Simonian theology was pantheism similar to that of Coleridge and the German mystics. “All which surrounds us, surrounds us, inanimate objects, ourselves, our feelings, are a fragment of God”. In the womb of the Almighty, nothing died. The old Catholic dogma of the dualism of soul and body was entirely superseded: man was a divine unity within himself, and his flesh, instead of being mortified, was to be raised to its true dignity as the third estate of his microcosm. The new order was to embrace the whole of humanity without distinction of race or creed. Starting in Paris it was to blaze across France, England and Germany: Europe was the first objective, after that, the world. Force would vanish from international affairs; in fact, there would be no international affairs. Henceforth there was to be only one relation public or private between human beings, the relationship of brotherly love...

The life of John Stuart Mill: By Michael St John Packe

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