Friday, 5 January 2007

Claudia's Poem

Touched by Insanity

What are we doing?
Searching the earth
I find
I do not fit into this world
Do we live in
A literal reality
Full of harsh lines
Wants and needs
Burning fire
Spewing out toxic fumes
Where there is no hope,
Or a blurred perception of reality
Which forces us to live in a material world when actually we should be living through the course of nature
With nature
In nature
Not tying to cheat it
With science or maths
Not trying,
To successfully beat it down
So that man wins
But becoming part of it
No more harmful emissions
Or extinction
Or the world screaming out to us
With the burden of
Not stock markets
Nor slaves
Nor sweat shops
Earning a few pence an hour
Or nothing at all
With the western world
And everyone else wanting there share of the rewards
Sitting comfortably at the table of high society
Stuffing our faces
With the worlds hard work
Complaining that you lost
A ten-pound note
That you would have a spent on a computer game
When someone would gladly give their own limbs for
A ten-pound note
Living in a bubble
Trying to claw they’re way up the social ladder
Believing that one more rung
Would solve their problems
But they get hungrier
More money
More cars
More houses
Won’t be content
Till you have the best
Doesn’t matter how many of people’s lives you have to squash
And higher
When you get to the top
You realise
There’s nothing there
A clear space of
You’re an empty shell
A shadow of the person you used to be
You won the battle against nature
But you aren’t cheering
Nor celebrating
In fact
You are probably the saddest person on the face of the planet
You have so much
You don’t need any more
For the rest of your life
You have taken everything
There is nothing left to take
Just sheets of paper
I cannot preach
Be such a hypocrite
For the saddest thing
I am one of them
However much I dislike it
I am
From force of necessity
If I do not join the ranks
I will fall
That’s the way of life
I wish it were different
Isn’t it strange
How little sheets of paper
Can cause so much destruction
And death
Just for money
Tiny strips of paper
And round lumps of metal
We live in a material world
Has everyone gone



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