Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Donald Crowhurst's last position

EXACT POS July 1 10 03

10 08 40

Reason for system to minimise error
To go – remove experience
Barometer pressure on move...

10 10 10
System of Books reorganising perfectly
Many parallels

10 11 20
Realisation of role of decision making
Hesitation – time Action + time

10 13 30
Books Soul of men into their work –
Reason for ‘work’ unimportant?

10 14 20 Hermits force unnecessary conditions on themselves
seek truth wasting time.

10 14 30
my folly gone ‘forward’ in imagination
wrong decision not perfect Time
no longer computed Had disorganises Clocks...

10 15 40
Clocks Think no need worry
About time +- but only elapsed time
+- May be meaningless? Important
reason for work is (lost) understand...

10 17 20
right Sorry waste of time

Ape indicates perplexity by headscratching!

Not right? 10 19 10
Evil is choice of
Interpretation of symbols

New reas(on) occurs for game. My judgement indicates
Cannot not use anything “put” in place, but have
To put everything in place. Task very difficult.

NOT impossible. Must just Do the B(est)
Strive for perfection in the hope of...

10 22
Understand two ‘reasons’ for task of
Conflict. Rule of game unsure. If
10 23 30 game to put everything back? Where is back?

10 23 40
Cannot see any ‘purpose’ in game.

10 25 10
Must resign position in sense that if
Set myself ‘impossible’ task then
Nothing achieved by game…

…Only Reason
for game to find new rules governing old
truths. Understand Exact position
of concept of balance of Power. It is
only one way of expressing hope. The
age process in new way of despair concept...

10 28 10
Only requirement for have new set of
Rules is that there IS some...

10 29

Understand reason for need to devise
Games. No game can devise is
Harmless. The truth is that there
Can only be one chess master, that is
The man who can free himself (from) the
Need (to) be blown by a cosmic minds…

…there can only be one perfect beauty
that is the great beauty of truth…

…No man may do more than all
that he is capable of doing. The perfect
way is the way of reconciliation…

…Once there is a possibility of reconciliation
there may not (be) a need for making errors…

…Now is revealed the true
nature and purpose and power
of the game offence I am
I am what I am and I
See the nature of my offence

I will only resign this game
If you will agree that (on)
The next occasion that this
Game is played it will be played
According to the
Rules that are devised by
My great god who has
Revealed at last to his son
Not only the exact nature
Of the reason for games but
Has also revealed the truth of
The way of the ending of the
Next game that...

It is finished –
Its is finished

11 15 00
it is the end of my
my game the truth
has been revealed and it will
be done as my family require me
to do it...

11 17 00
it is the time for your
move to begin...

I have not need to prolong
The game...

It has been a good game that
Must be ended at the...
I will play this game when
I choose I will resin the
Game 11 20 40 There is
No reason for harmful...

This is his last written communication, Donald is never seen again

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